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About Purchasing

University Purchasing leverages the institution's buying power to develop strategic relationships with suppliers and implements cost-effective contracts. Our expertise ensures that procurement decisions will be made in the best interest of the university and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

The Ohio State University Board of Trustees has delegated purchasing authority to the University Purchasing Department for the acquisition of equipment, materials, supplies and services for the university. With University Purchasing's oversight, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the OSU Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) have purchasing authority to facilitate the procurement process specific to their area's unique needs.

Additional responsibilities

Our responsibilities also may include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Procure high-quality goods and services at the best value by managing the supply chain.
  • Coordinate collaborative purchasing projects across purchasing departments to support the "one university" vision.
  • Deliver user-friendly procurement methods, training programs, customer service and support to the financial community.
  • Incorporate social, economical and environmental standards in purchasing practices and policies.
  • Participate in state-wide collaborative purchasing initiatives to support higher education cost-savings goals.

* Note: Purchasing departments at OSUWMC and OSP may have additional and/or different roles and responsibilities. 

Mission Statement and Values

Purchasing Mission

Our goal is to assist you with the purchasing process and procure high quality goods and services for the best value.

Your feedback is important to us so please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Purchasing Values


Personal and professional integrity and high ethical standards in communication and behavior guide all that we do and are paramount in our performance.


We empower ourselves and others to reach beyond the current paradigm to pursue creative ideas. We utilize leading edge technology, processes and programs in the products and services we offer.


We provide quality products and exceptional customer service at the best possible value to our customers by practicing continuous quality to exceed customer requirements. We strive for excellence and to provide a shocking level of responsiveness that exceeds customer expectations.


We are committed to achieving the highest quality and commitment to continuous improvement in our daily activities. We strive for excellence in all we do. We exhibit our values by word and deed.


We work cooperatively with shared purpose and vision, and promote collaboration and a sense of harmony and community. We value and respect the individual while fostering an atmosphere where teams can flourish. Success comes through recognizing everyone’s skills, diverse range of experiences and contributions.

Code of Ethics

All Purchasing Department staff, and any other individual authorized to conduct purchasing activities, must adhere to the principles and standards of the Ohio Ethics Law.

It is prohibited for any university employee to accept any gratuities, premiums or other incentives of a substantial value.

The university subscribes to the National Association of Educational Procurement code of ethics

Social responsibility

Purchasing is committed to working collaboratively with college / VP areas to integrate sustainable practices into campus operations by minimizing resource consumption and waste generation; reducing the carbon footprint of university-related travel; establishing innovative procurement practices such as “Buying Green”; and recognizing, supporting and measuring initiatives that promote sustainability.

By leveraging the university’s buying power, Purchasing is able to acquire many products with environmentally friendly alternatives. Browse preferred supplier agreements in Buckeye Buy and look for the “green” label.

From sourcing to delivery, the offices of Purchasing, Stores and Receiving support good stewardship of the environment by purchasing “green”, promoting use of recycled content products, utilizing bio-diesel fuel in Receiving vehicles and delivering office supplies in reusable plastic bins, as appropriate.

Policies and Procedures


Purchasing authority is granted by the University Board of Trustees to the Office of Business and Finance, delegated to the Purchasing Department.

Conflict of Interest

It is the responsibility of each member of the university staff and the Purchasing Department to assure that the university does not knowingly enter into any purchase commitment which could result in a conflict of interest.

Key Contracts

University procedure is to utilize these contracts with 100% compliance. Click the Contract below to display additional details.

Office SuppliesStaples Advantage
Outbound ShippingUPS
Plumbing Services
New Printer/CopierUniprint
Soft Drinks, water (personal sizes), fruit juices and sports drinksCoca-Cola

View the Contract Book for a full listing of contracts.


Purchasing News

See P2P News for the latest information about Purchasing and other Procurement to Pay areas.

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