Year-end tax information

The Payroll Tax Office strongly urges you to take a close look at your paystub to ensure that your information is accurate. Here are a few reminders about what you should review:

Is your work location listed correctly for tax purposes?

As an employer, Ohio State is required to withhold local tax for the city in which you work. The work locality can be found on your paystub under the Tax Data section. If this is not correct or you have multiple work locations that aren't displayed, please contact the Payroll Tax Office at 614-292-2311 or

Do you live in a school district that has an income tax?

If you live in a school district that has an income tax, you must update that information through the Employee Self Service portal under W-4 Tax Information (State tab). Changing the address on your Personal Information Summary does not automatically change/update your tax information. You must use Employee Self Service to select the appropriate school district on your W-4 Tax Information. If your school district isn't listed in the search box, a tax has not been enacted.

Did you have an out of state address when you were hired?

When you were hired, our system used your home address information at the time to identify your resident state. That information is not automatically updated for tax purposes if you later changed your home address. If state taxes are being withheld for a state that you are no longer a resident of, please contact the Payroll Tax Office at 614-292-2311 or

W-2 Deadlines

  • Online Enrollment: All current employees are encouraged to sign up to receive their 2017 W-2 online via Employee Self Service. Online enrollment provides employees the opportunity to receive their W-2 form earlier than if mailed. Employees who are enrolled as of Jan. 10, 2018, will receive their W-2 electronically.
  • Address changes: For employees who choose not to receive their W-2 online, the W-2 document will be mailed the end of January to the Home Address listed under Personal Information Summary on the Employee Self Service portal. To ensure employees will receive their mailed W-2 statements in a timely manner, employees must enter address corrections on Employee Self Service by Wednesday Jan. 5, 2018.