Efficiency measures benefit students, report shows

Ohio State used efficiencies, new resources and other initiatives to generate $47.6 million in direct benefits to our students in fiscal 2018, according to the university's progress report on the recommendations of the Ohio Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency in Higher Education.

All public colleges and universities in Ohio report their progress annually to the Ohio Department of Higher Education. The task force issued recommendations in 2015 on topics ranging from operational excellence to textbook affordability.

Among the highlights for fiscal 2018:

  • Efficiencies: Ohio State saved or avoided $128 million through administrative efficiencies and the strategic procurement program.

  • New resources: The university generated $1.1 billion in new resources, highlighted by the comprehensive energy management partnership.  

  • Direct benefits to students: Ohio State students received $47.6 million in lower costs and new resources in the past fiscal year because of the university's work to control costs. The university has expanded financial aid programs, discounted summer tuition rates, provided learning technology through the Digital Flagship and launched other initiatives to benefit students.

"Collectively, these and other initiatives represent Ohio State’s continued momentum in advancing an affordable and excellent education for our students and their families," Michael J. Gasser, chairman of the board of trustees, said in a letter accompanying the report.