How to seek an airfare price match

One of the most common questions raised since the start of the travel initiative relates to what to do if you believe that you have found airfare with a lower price than what you can find through CTP or its online booking tool (Concur).  
We recognize and support travelers' efforts to be fiscally responsible stewards of university resources while meeting the needs of their business travel.  In the vast majority of cases, flights booked through CTP or Concur, cost the same or less than they would through third-party websites. 
If you believe that you have found a fare that has a better advertised price than through a quote from a CTP full service agent or Concur, you must complete the Airfare Price Match Request Form (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) prior to purchase to document efforts to comply with the travel policy.

Here is how it works:

  • CTP will determine whether the advertised fare is actually available. If it is, CTP will provide the opportunity to buy it through the agency's booking tools.
  • If the exact itinerary and fare is not available, CTP will provide comparable options that meet the core needs of the business travel. Maintaining status with a particular airline should not be cause for selection when comparable options are provided that meet the needs of the business travel. 
  • If no match or comparable options are available, the Travel Office will work with the individual to determine the best solution, including consideration for Pre-Authorized Exception to purchase airfare from an alternate source.

Price Match Request submissions will be processed for Ohio State employees with an approved T# for business travel. Comparisons for airfare that are not representative of the business travel dates/destination or do not have an approved T# will be returned.

Note: While low fares can be found with web resellers and consolidators, these fares typically involve unacceptable conditions for business travel, such as nonrefundable fares, “hidden” fees, or restrictions that are impactful to meeting the core needs of business travel.