eStores Catering Marketplace: Catering Suppliers Require 24-Hours Notice of Events

Drop-off catering suppliers have requested that customers continue to provide at least 24-hour notice before placing an order in the Catering Marketplace.

Some suppliers have received orders they could not fill because no advance notice of the event was provided. Advance notice is necessary to allow suppliers to adequately plan and schedule multiple events on the same day.

Supplier contact information is available on their individual page within the Catering Marketplace.

eStores is working on an enhancement to the site that will automatically notify suppliers when a drop-off order request is entered on the site, even before the purchase order is sent, but that feature is not active yet. In the meantime, at least 24-hour notice of an event is strongly recommended.

The Catering Marketplace will remain in pilot stage, tentatively through the end of the calendar year. The individual catalogs from all catering suppliers and event rental suppliers also remain in eStores as a back-up option until the pilot period concludes.

Contact Christine Cihon or 614-688-8285 with any questions regarding the Catering Marketplace.