eStores Suppliers Added Through My Quote, Supplier Website, or Hosted Supplier Options

Below are details on suppliers being added to eStores through My Quote, Supplier Website or Hosted Supplier options.

Suppliers newly added to My Quote - where custom quotes are uploaded by suppliers for approval and checkout by Ohio State customers.

Audio Visual (AVTV) Suppliers:


Furniture Suppliers:

These suppliers have moved from Supplier Websites to My Quote:


Lab Suppliers:

  • Qiagen is now in My Quote for quotes with special pricing not found in their supplier website.


New Supplier Websites - suppliers that are linked with eStores and allow users to shop through their websites.

Auto Parts:

  • NAPA - This is NAPA’s second catalog added in eStores.


New Hosted Suppliers - where catalogs are created by suppliers and maintained by Ohio State.

Interpretation Services:


Lawn Care and Equipment:


Skilled Trades - Arc Flash Services – Electrical Safety Testing:


Skilled Trades - General Contracting Suppliers:

Veterinary Equipment and Services:

Coming Soon!

  • New Catering supplier website