FY20 PIER Update

Due to COVID-19 and the limitations presented with access to assets, the FY20 Physical Inventory and Equipment Review (PIER) will be rescheduled from the previously slated April 30, 2020 deadline.

The FY20 PIER will be rescheduled to start on July 1, 2020, with a deadline of August 31, 2020.

Units that submitted FY20 PIER certification forms that were accepted as complete by Central Asset Management Office as of April 10, 2020 will be given credit for those submissions. You will be notified in writing if your submission meets this status.

Key Reminders:

  • OCIO has removed the old FY20 PIER reports (run date of 2/28/20) from eReports
  • Old FY20 PIER reports (run date of 2/28/20) will not be accepted moving forward
  • Updated FY20 PIER reports will be uploaded to eReports on 7/1/20.
  • Central Asset Management will send a notification with instructions on 7/1/20 when the updated FY20 PIER reports are available for download.

Please contact Central Asset Management at assetmanagement@osu.edu if you have any questions.