New Fiscal Year 2022 Travel Guidelines

Effective July 1, 2021, the university will allow business-related travel in line with updated health and safety requirements and our continued focus on fiscal responsibility.

Faculty and staff are expected to exercise prudent fiscal management when considering FY22 travel arrangements to determine whether in-person or virtual attendance at any event, program or other circumstance will be most effective. Travel has been restricted since March 2020 because of the pandemic, and we should utilize the lessons learned about our ability to conduct business in flexible and efficient ways.

Health recommendations: Only fully vaccinated people should consider travel. Those who are unvaccinated should consider virtual alternatives. University-sponsored travelers are expected to follow CDC travel guidelines related to mask requirements, distancing guidelines and other relevant safety measures.

Risks associated with COVID-19: Locations have disparate risks associated with COVID-19. Travel is not recommended to destinations that are experiencing a surge in cases.  

International travel: Travelers should consult information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Department of State to determine the current immigration status for entry, public health measures including requirements for pre-travel COVID-19 tests, quarantine upon arrival and other guidelines. Country-specific requirements can be viewed at

  • Faculty and staff who are considering international travel should submit a Spend Authorization in Workday at least six weeks before the desired departure date.
  • Education abroad and other student travel: The Office of International Affairs is assessing OIA-managed programs for viability.  International Risk Management and the International Travel Policy Committee have established a schedule for the review of other specific types of proposed international travel involving students. Decision dates for OIA-managed education abroad programs starting in August 2021 or later are listed on the OIA website.

Travel Approval Process

  1. Traveler notifies Supervisor for awareness and planning.
  2. Traveler/Administrator submits the Spend Authorization in Workday in advance of the travel departure date. If the traveler is traveling to an international location, they are required to sign the International Acknowledgement of Understanding Form and attach it to the Spend Authorization before submission.
  3. Approval by College/Unit Fiscal Officer to confirm budget availability.
  4. Approval by Chair/Director to ensure strategic alignment.
  5. An OSU Workday Administration email generated by the Spend Authorization approval will be sent to the traveler with health, safety and risk responsibilities.
  6. Approximately 2 weeks before the traveler is scheduled to depart, the traveler will receive a reminder email from the Travel Office with health, safety and risk responsibilities.

For additional assistance on business-related travel for faculty and staff, contact the Travel Office. For international travel involving students, contact the Office of International Affairs.