How we fund the Digital Flagship

More than 10,000 Ohio State freshman will enter college in the fall with the learning technology they need to support them, both in the classroom and outside of it.

Members of the Digital Flagship team distribute the iPad Pro learning technology suite to incoming students at orientation.
New first-year students who enter in the 2018-19 academic year are receiving an iPad Pro learning technology suite as part of Digital Flagship, our comprehensive digital learning initiative. Over the next few years, Ohio State will provide learning technology to all undergraduates as part of the university's strategic focus on teaching and learning.

These students are part of the first big wave of Ohio State's comprehensive digital learning collaboration with Apple. By integrating learning technology throughout the university experience, Ohio State is working to increase student engagement and transform learning. Other elements of the initiative, including opportunities to learn how to code, will also enhance career readiness.

How can we afford to provide each student with an iPad Pro? The short answer is through administrative efficiencies.

Since 2015, the university has devoted more than $100 million in efficiency savings to student financial aid. Starting in 2018-19, efficiency savings will also be deployed to support the Digital Flagship initiative.

Learn more about this initiative on the Digital Flagship website.