Report Inventory

These icons provide links to a reporting table that includes reports that may be beneficial for Finance and Supply Chain related tasks along with a description and the most used security roles to run the reports. These reports are broken down into three main categories – Accounting, HR for Finance Reporting, and Operational.

Some security roles are inherently paired with others. You may not have to directly request access to the “Typical Security Role" because your main security role will already be paired.  For Example, a Cost Center Manager role will be paired with the Spend Analyst.  List of all paired security roles(link is external). Use the Default Pairing Rules Tab and use the Primary Security Assignment column to determine if you have access via a paired relationship. 

Finance and Supply Chain Report Inventory

Reporting Tips

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Last modified: February 23, 2024

Accounting Reports

Link to Accounting/Analysis reports page

HR for Finance Reports

Link to HR for Finance reports page

Operational Reports

Link to Operational reports page