Support Unit Requests

Each office requesting funding will submit an Excel-based template.  This funding request template should be used to provide details on your unit's request(s) for new funding.  This information, along with your unit's financial profile, will be provided to the Senate Fiscal Committee and they will review the information and determine whether or not to recommend your items for funding.  Their recommendations will be provided to the Executive Vice President and Provost and the CFO for final decisions.  
Release of Guidance & Template11/22/2017
Unit Submission of Completed Template1/19/2018
Review by SFC - SOFS1/23/2018 – 2/6/2018
Recommendation to SFC2/13/2018


Budget requests that meet some or all of the following criteria will be given higher priority:

  • The request meets a regulatory or compliance requirement
  • The request addresses a safety concern or potential risk factor
  • The request is for a university-wide service
  • The request is matched by internal resources and/or partnering units.
Additionally, note that we will prioritize requests that positively and tangibly impact the university's strategic plan, Time and Change, which has these five pillars:
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Access, Affordability, and Excellence
  • Research and Creative Expression
  • Academic Healthcare
  • Operational Excellence and Resource Stewardship


Required Information

The funding request template is unchanged from last year.  Please note that like last year, each office is only allowed to submit a total of 5 requests.  For each request, you will be asked to answer the following narrative questions:

  • Please provide a brief description of the item requested. Include the strategic importance, benefits it provides to the university and how it can contribute to the university's strategic plan, Time and Change.
  • Describe what you have or intend to contribute from existing internal funds as well as funding from collaboration with other departments. 
  • What is the risk to the unit and the university if the item is not funded?  What is the impact if funding is delayed a year?
  • Provide a brief description of the quantitative return on investment (ROI) and the qualitative efficiencies/service benefits to be gained from investing in this item.

Financial data to be reviewed

Each request will also provide financial data to be reviewed:

  • Expense Detail by Funding Source
    • Please include the number and description of new FTEs in the Brief Description column if the request requires new personnel.
    • Please indicate separate amounts for continuing PBA funding and cash (one-time funding):
      • Funding Requested – the amount you’re requesting; the total should be the same as entered on the Summary page
      • Unit Funding – the amount that will be funded by the requesting unit with existing funds
      • Partnering Unit Funding – the amount that will be funded by other units with existing funds.
  • Total Projected Annual Spend by Funding Source
    • Provide a projection for the spend for the next five fiscal years.  ​


Request Submission

Templates are due on January 19, 2018 and should be submitted in the FY19 Support Office Request folder on BuckeyeBox.  Once the requests are received, the Support Office Finance Subcommittee (SOFS) of the Senate Fiscal Committee will review the submissions and determine if additional information is required and if your requests warrant a hearing with the committee.
If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact Caiemi Mbayo at 292-8677 or or Scott Klute at 688-1885 or