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Payroll Accounting News

Recently, earnings paid via any method other than period activity pay, that are excluded from salary over the cap and funded by a grant, were inappropriately treated as salary over the cap.

Impacted Earnings

This issue required a payroll accounting adjustment to move the expense from the department to the grant. Workday has delivered a fix which will correctly exclude the earnings from salary over the cap in most scenarios for actuals and encumbrances. Retroactive Payroll Payments continue to be treated as salary over the cap in payroll actual accruals, but enhancements are targeted on Workday’s roadmap.

The Journal Line - Posted Pay Period - Inaccurate SOC Identification report can be run to help identify potentially impacted payments in completed pay periods. The defaulted prompts can be changed, if desired. The other required prompts, Accounting Period and Time Period, work together to allow you to select the timeframe you wish to return results within. A few common prompts are:

  • Current Period YTD > Returns results for all activity from the start of the fiscal year through the Accounting Period selected
  • Current Period > Only returns results for the Accounting Period selected
  • Last 12 Periods > Returns the last 12 months including and prior to the Accounting Period selected; it will look across fiscal years

Payroll actual accruals in biweekly pay periods prior to the pay period 11/7/21 – 11/20/21, check date 12/3/21, and monthly pay periods prior to November were impacted by this issue. This report can also be used to help identify potentially impacted retroactive payroll payments related to earnings that are excluded from salary over the cap and funded by a grant and will continue to inappropriately be treated as salary over the cap for the time being. Additional communication will be sent when the retro issue has been resolved as well.

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