Supplier Invoice Process: Tips and Tricks

The Supplier Invoice Process is the process of paying all approved supplier invoices for goods and services as part of the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process.  It is managed by the Accounts Payable (AP) department. We use Workday to process and pay supplier invoices. 


Prompt adherence to this process will result in the timely payment of suppliers

1. Supplier submits to Accounts Payable via EDI or email invoice to

2. Brainware/Onbase system for the pairing process*

3. Workday for the matching process**

4. Requestor approves certain invoices (see roles section below)

5. Workday schedules payment based on payment terms

6. Workday pays invoice on the payment date*** 

*Brainware/OnBase will systematically review the invoice line detail and match the line details of the PO. If the lines do not match, it will result in a Match Exception and the invoice is not integrated into Workday
**Match Exception at Workday - see Match Exception Process
***Payment terms dictate when the supplier will be paid (e.g., 60, 90 days from invoice date) pending the successful matching and approval of the invoice.

Recommended Supplier Resolutions

Supplier Requirements:

Accounts Payable invoice information website 

  • Provide the required information to the supplier
  • Match the line details between the quote (if applicable), purchase order (PO), and Invoice.
  • Submit the invoice only once


Business Role

Business Responsibilities

Security Roles

SupplierSupplier submits invoice to AP via EDI or they email the invoice to (UNIV), (HS), or (OSUP). The supplier is responsible for ensuring their invoice includes all of the required information. Find the required information under the "Provide the required information" section.N/A

The requisition requester will approve all supplier invoices on blanket purchase orders, all services over $3K and goods over $3K that are not received through Central Receiving or one of the other defined receiving locations in Workday.

Approval means that you have received the goods or service and are comfortable with the invoice for processing.

Cost Center Manager

Approves blanket purchase orders (UNIV only).

Responsible for ensuring the purchase was appropriate, within budget, and within the parameters of the blanket purchase order. 

Cost Center Manager

Service Center (UNIV)

Responsible for monitoring and rectifying any discrepancy to ensure supplier invoices are paid on a timely basis.

Business Transaction Services

Procurement Staff (HS)Responsible for monitoring and rectifying any discrepancy to ensure supplier invoices are paid on a timely basis.Buyers
Accounts Payable (AP)Make timely payments of supplier invoices in accordance with the terms of the supplier record in Workday. Ensure that the data provided by suppliers or units to Accounts Payable is captured in the system for unit review.

AP Data Entry Specialist


Key Reports


Supports Process Steps

Find Supplier Invoice Summary - OSU

This report can be used to view invoice statuses, invoices in match exception and search invoices based on a supplier.

The report returns results by each unique invoice and provides invoice header information such supplier, supplier invoice number, invoice amount, due date, discount date, adjustment information.

Workday System Matching Process

Approve Certain Invoices

Workday Schedules Payment

Workday Pays

Find Supplier Invoice Funding Detail - OSU

This report provides invoice line detail information including all invoice header details found in Find Supplier Invoice Summary - OSU as well as invoice line details such as items purchased, Ship-To Address, quantity of item line purchased etc.  It can be used to help support expenses or balances sheet activity in the General Ledger.

Workday System Matching Process

Workday Schedules Payment

Workday Pays

Supplier Invoice Overdue Approvals

This report is used to identify any AP invoices that have been loaded to workday and have been awaiting approval for more than two days.  This report includes summary invoice information, such as supplier, amount, Purchase Orders, payment terms, as well as awaiting persons, and some funding information.Approve Certain Invoices

Full Inventory of Operational Reports - view the Accounts Payable reports tab.

Security Role Contacts

Training and Practice Aids

Resource Type

Resource Name

Resource Description

BuckeyeLearn online trainingSupplier Invoice Basics 

This 15-minute session is recommended for OSU employees that make purchases and work with suppliers.

This process is part of Accounts Payable or AP. This course is meant to help staff that procure goods and services learn about the supplier invoice process to help make sure the suppliers you engage with get paid in the expected timeframe. 
Job Aid (ARC)Invoice - Supplier Invoice Review/Approval

Instructions to approve invoices related to a service requiring review, approve or reject Invoice adjustments, and reviews the implications behind an approval or rejection.

Job Aid (ARC)Prepaid Supplier InvoicesInstructions for Accountants, Cost Center Accountants and Accounting Managers on how to mark invoices as prepaid, as well as how to schedule these invoices.
Website InformationHow to Submit a Credit MemoOpens the Invoice and Payment Information page. Then select "How to submit a credit memo" under "Payments".